Shadow Oaks Wildlife Care - Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Release
We are very pleased to announce that Shadow Oaks Wildlife Care has merged with California Wildlife Center!
Our team of veteran wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers  will continue to provide expert care for our area’s wildlife as part of California Wildlife Center’s  team.
  For help with orphaned or injured wildlife please call
California Wildlife Center 
 Wildlife Hotline: 
310 458-WILD(9453)
(For more help numbers please see Shadow Oaks "contact us" page)
Shadow Oaks Wildlife Care is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of native California wildlife.
Serving the west San Fernando Valley and southern Ventura County, we specialize in the rehabilitation of orphaned small mammals.
Our team of experienced volunteer rehabilitators raise orphan baby squirrels, opossums, rabbits, bats, raccoons, and other small mammals, then return them to their natural environment when they are able to survive on their own.  We rehabilitate and release injured wildlife.  Sick and injured wildlife is evaluated and treated under the direction of wildlife veterinarian Dr. Lynn Whited.
We also help resolve human/wildlife conflicts by presenting humane solutions to "nuisance" wildlife problems and educate the public how to coexist with their backyard wildlife.
Our dedicated volunteers care for more than 900 animals every year.
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